Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury Prevention

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury Prevention

Sports Physiotherapist,  Angus Tadman discusses new research into ACL injury prevention and the types of warm-up that help reduce your chance of injury.

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Hey, guys, Angus here from St. Leonards Physiotherapy again. I’d like to speak to you a little bit about ACL injury prevention and injury prevention in general. There’s been a lot of research in more recent times looking at how we can best tailor a warm-up for sport. And that can be any sport, but particularly our pivoting sports, like soccer, rugby, netball, even things like tennis as well.

So what’s the best warm-up, and how are we gonna prevent injuries like the dreaded ACL rupture? And what’s been shown is particularly neuro facilitatory warm-ups, which means warm-ups that include lots of hopping, jumping, agility work, are much better. And if you look up, online, FIFA 11+ and the PEP programs, these are now proven to prevent injuries. The main focus of a lot of these programs is looking at how we control our hips and pelvis and our knee, particularly when we’re jumping and landing, which is often the time we injure ourselves.

So to demonstrate what would be classed as a poor example of how to land on one leg, it would look something like this. What you saw is, my trunk went off to the side and my knee ducked inward. And if this were to happen in a game or with an accident with an opponent, you might get an ACL injury. What we wanna see is something more like this. I’ll show you again. And so you see, when I landed that time, I was keeping my knee in line with my foot and my hip, and I was controlling that amount of trunk movement to the side.

So check it out online, FIFA 11+. There will be a link in the description of the video. And this is gonna be a really helpful way to prevent injuries going forward.