Causes of Cervicogenic Headaches

Chris Andreano discusses the causes of Cervicogenic Headaches.

Full Video Transcript

Chris Andreano: ¬†Hey, guys. This is a bit of a follow up from that recent little talk about headaches. And I want to talk about one of the primary causes of these sort of neck-based headaches. Now what we can see on the wall here, is sort of an anatomically setup skeleton from the side, and we can see a nice, obviously sort of optimal posture here. Good line through the head, down the shoulders and into the hips, and that tends to mean the spine is lined up with its natural sort of slight curves. Okay. Now if I get…you’d all have a look at this spine for me.

What we find sometimes, particularly with our sort of current lifestyles of the 21st century, is that everyone’s spending a lot of time sitting, and that might come as news to people, but this naturally causes the middle of the back to sort of stiffen up a little bit. And, you know, we get a flow on effect, and the head starts to sort of drift forward off the shoulders a little bit as well. And naturally, what happens is we get a bit of what we call a poke neck posture and a forward head posture. And so, from the side, you’ll see we’re starting to get this sort of cramping of the joints in the upper neck, okay, and stiffness up there. Typically, there’s a combined stiffness slightly lower. Sort of where the neck meets the shoulders as well.

But this is one of the biggest contributors to these stiff joints in the upper neck, and certainly a contributor to Cervicogenic headaches. So then, that’s a postural issue, and we need to address that with appropriate exercise, and sort of, yeah, and postural correction. Cheers, guys.

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