Cervicogenic Headaches

Cervicogenic Headaches

Chris Andreano discusses Cervicogenic Headaches.

Full Video Transcript

Chris Andreano:  G’day everyone. This is Chris here from St. Leonards Physio and I really wanted to talk today about headaches, and specifically what we call Cervicogenic Headaches. And what that means is they originate in the neck and in the upper cervical spine, which is sort of the joints just below the base of the skull at the back.

What we find with these kind of headaches is that they’re often causing pain in one side of the head in particular, and they’re usually accompanied with a stiff neck and quite often a painful neck as well. What I’ll get you to do Savannah is just bring the camera over here if you don’t mind. So typically it’s the upper sort of three to four joints of the neck in particular, that are causing a lot of problems for someone.

And typically those stiff joints in the neck are sort of causing a referral pattern and pain into the head, which is quite disabling often and really quite uncomfortable. What we found with Physio in the past and with some empirical evidence to support it, is that mobilisation and movement of these joints can be really effective for improving those symptoms, and preventing headaches from re-occurring in the future.

So if this sounds like you or you get recurring headaches, please give us a call. We’re happy to chat through things on the phone. Otherwise organise to come in and see a physio. We’ve got a few physios here that have specialist headache training, and they can certainly be addressed and prevented in the future.