Hello Runners:

The City2Surf is a matter of weeks away and will be closely followed by the Sydney Running Festival in September. It’s a huge time of year for fun-runners with the annual bench-mark 14km of the C2S and options of 9km, half marathon, the “full monty” full marathon, and numerous trail races. There’s something for everybody.

With all these opportunities it’d be a shame to miss out and have to wait another 12 months. Also anyone with an injury knows the pain and frustration at not being able to perform at their best. Proper injury management requires expert assessment and implementation of a rehab program to help get you back on track.

Our initial assessment provides you with a diagnosis, prognosis, tailored rehab program, and advice regarding training load modifications. We understand the proper biomechanics of running and are able to address the root cause of your problem rather than just treating what hurts. We also conduct video running assessments if required for a higher level of analysis. If you have an injury concern please call us today to book an appointment with one of our highly qualified and caring physios.

In the meantime happy training and best of luck.

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