Exercises For Golf Part 9 – Improving Leading Hip Flexibility

Exercises For Golf Part 9 – Improving Leading Hip Flexibility

Peter Sharp demonstrates exercises to help improve leading hip flexibility.

Full Video Transcript

Hi. My name’s Peter Sharp from St Leonards Physiotherapy. This is a series of videos that we’re doing for exercises for golfers. What we’re looking at today is the flexibility of your leading hip.

So if you’re a right-handed golfer, your backswing is like that and as you come down and go through, your left hip needs to internally rotate or turn in, relative to your pelvis. A lot of golfers don’t have that amount of flexibility through their hip and so that limits their swing, but it also puts pressure onto their hip and their lower back. So if you can improve that flexibility, that should improve your swing, but also reduce the risk of injury to your left hip and your lower back.

And so the easiest way of stretching that out is just with the roller. And basically, you wanna sit on the roller and there’s two exercises that you can do. One, where you have your knees bent and your feet underneath your body and basically, just sitting, trying to drop those knees down as far as you can, really trying to stretch out the inside of your hips. So you should be able to get those knees down as low as possible and you should feel a good stretch in your groin. All right? And then the other way of doing that is with your legs out straight and try and get your feet as wide as you can. Turn your feet out, knees straight, and then try and lean forward. And again, you should feel a good stretch up through those inner thigh muscles. All right?

So that’s a good stretch to do at home, but a lot of people don’t obviously have your roller when you’re at the golf course. So the way to do that exercise before you play golf on the course is just in standing with your legs wide apart. So if you were trying to stretch your left hip, what you wanna do is just bend your right knee and try and lean forwards and lean off to the right side with your left knee straight and you should get a good stretch through the inside of your groin. All right? And then same again for the other side. Left knee bent, right leg straight. Lean off to the left side, try and get a good stretch through that right side. Thank you.