Exercises For Golf Part 3 – Lying Shoulder Turn

Exercises For Golf Part 3 – Lying Shoulder Turn


Peter Sharp demonstrates the lying shoulder turn which is the third video in the golf exercise series.

Full Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Peter Sharp from St Leonards Physiotherapy. This is our series of videos about exercises for golf.

And what we’re looking at is how much turn you have, or rotation of your upper body over your shoulders, and I’ve done a few exercises with a stick that you should look at before you move on to this one. But another way of doing it is on the floor. So if you just lie down, lying on your side with your head on a pillow, arms out, straight out in front, bend your knees up. Try and draw your tummy muscles in so that your tummy is nice and tight.

And then what you’re trying to do is bring your top arm, left arm in this case, over the top, and you try to turn as far back and see if you can get your left hand and your left shoulder blade onto the floor. All right. And your idea there is that you’re keeping your hips and your lower back vertical, and you’re trying to get your upper back and shoulders horizontal. So you’re trying to get around to a 90-degree turn, and just try to hold that for a few seconds, and then come back over again.

So again, we’re trying to get more turn of your upper body to take some of the pressure off your lower back and your hips. So, that’s very important that your lower back and your hips aren’t moving while your upper back is doing the work. So you do a few on that side, and then swap over and do the same exercise onto the other side. Thank you.