Exercises for Golf Part 10 – Improve Buttock Strength

Peter Sharp demonstrates exercises to help improve buttock strength.

Full Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Peter Sharp from St Leonards Physiotherapy. This is a series of exercise that we’re doing for golfers. What we wanna look at today is trying to strengthen your buttock muscles. So with your golf swing, if you’re a right-handed golfer, so you backswing there, as you come through into your downswing and follow-through a lot of the power should come through your left buttock. A lot of golfers don’t use their buttock at all and use their arms too much which is why there’s a lot of golfers going around with shoulder, elbow, wrist injuries. So the easiest way to switch on your buttock muscles initially is to do an exercise lying on the floor. And so what you wanna do is just lie down, the head on the pillow, and you’re basically just doing a bridging exercise. So you’re lifting your hips up, really trying to squeeze your buttock muscles, try and keep your hamstring muscles nice and floppy. And then what you wanna try and do is hold that there, and try and lift one leg up in the air. So get all the weights on the left side. So that’s on your left buttock where your buttock of your leading leg that’s holding it. And what you wanna do is hold that for 10 lots of 10-second holds. Put your right leg back down to have a rest. Lift your right leg up, squeeze, hold for 10 seconds. Come back down and relax. Thank you.

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