Exercises for Golf Part 12 – Shoulder Blade Strength

Peter Sharp demonstrates exercises to help improve shoulder blade strength.

Full Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Peter Sharp from St Leonards Physiotherapy. This is a series of exercise that we’re doing for golf. What we wanna look at today is just to try and do some exercises to strengthen your shoulder blades. All right. A lot of golfers have sort of shoulder, wrist, and elbow injuries. And a lot of that comes because they’re over using their arms with the swing and they don’t have the strength in their shoulder blades, tummy muscles, buttock muscles, thigh muscles. And they’e not using them enough and so their arms are doing too much of the work.

So, what we wanna try and do is strengthen up some of those bigger muscles that are meant to do more of the work. The shoulder blade muscles is a fairly easy one. What you wanna do is go down onto your hands and your knees. And you need your knees underneath your hips, hands underneath your shoulders. Try and draw your tummy muscles in. And then what you wanna do is try and see if you can squeeze your shoulder blades together, keeping your elbows straight. And then what you wanna do is hold that position, and then try and straighten one arm out in front, and then see if you can bring your other arm back behind. And try and hold that for about 10 seconds each time. So that means in this exercise, your right shoulder blade is doing the work. All right. And then come back down. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, bring your right arm out in front, left leg goes back. Keep that tuck under your pelvis. Hold that for about 10 seconds. And come back down. All right. Thank you.

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