Exercises for Golf Part 4 – Shoulder Turn with Resistance

Peter Sharp demonstrates the fourth video in our series introducing resistance to the shoulder turn.

Full Video Transcript

Hi. My name’s Peter Sharp from St Leonards Physiotherapy. This is a series of exercises that we’re doing for golf. And what we’re looking at in this video is doing some exercises to improve your thoracic turn or your shoulder turn with golf. So we’ve done some with the stick and lying on the floor that you should look at first before you do this one. But once you’ve done that and you feel like you’ve got a bit more rotation or turn through your upper body, then you wanna try and add a bit of resistance. And so you just need some TheraBand or some tubing, usually just tied around a door handle. You don’t necessarily need the handles, but what you wanna try and do is stand with your arms out in front, elbows straight. Just bend your knees a little bit. Try and draw your tummy muscles in, and then what you’re trying to do is the same thing, trying to turn your upper body and trying to keep your hips relatively still. So turning to the right, trying to get 90 degrees of turn of your upper body, keeping your hips very still. All right. And so you just do a set of 10 up on that side and then you turn around the other way and do a set of 10 the other way.

To make this exercise harder, what you wanna try and do is either speed it up, so try and get it up to the speed of your golf swing. All right. So you can make it faster or you can make it more difficult by doing it standing on one leg. So you stand on your left leg first. Same thing, turn your upper body to the right, come back to the middle, and then swap to the other side. Stand on your right leg, turn your upper body to the right, come back to the middle. Once you’ve done a set of those, you’re gonna turn around and do the same exercise facing the other way. Thank you.

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