Exercises for Golf Part 7 – Improve Shoulder Flexibility

Peter Sharp demonstrates exercises to help improve shoulder flexiblity

Full Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Peter Sharp from St Leonards Physiotherapy. This is a series of exercises for golf that we’re looking at at the moment. What we’re moving onto now is the flexibility of your shoulder. So if you’re a right-handed golfer, as you go back into your backswing, your right shoulder or your rear shoulder needs to be able to have a lot of external rotation range. And a lot of people don’t have that amount of ration of their rear shoulder, and that limits how far you can get the club back.

All right. So if you can improve that, it’ll allow you to get your club back further, and therefore, get a faster swing. So what I want you to try and do to test that out, to see what your flexibility is like, is stand up against the wall, with your back against the wall. Back of your head against the wall. Elbows to shoulder height, and then you should be able to get it right back so that your hands are touching the wall. And a lot of people will only be able to get it about halfway. But you really need to be able to get right back, so that your hands are touching the wall.

And so if you’ve got some limitation here, the way to try and help that is using a foam roller. So what you wanna do is lie longways on the roller with your head touching the roller. Elbows out to the side, and just try and get your elbows and hands touching the floor. And if you can do that, then you’ll know that you’ve got the flexibility in your right shoulder, or your rear shoulder to get the backswing that you need. Thank you.

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