Exercises for Golf Part 8 – Improve Left Arm Flexibility

Peter Sharp demonstrates exercises to help improve left arm flexibility.

Full Video Transcript

Hi. This is Peter Sharp from St. Leonard’s Physiotherapy. We’re just doing a series of exercises for golf. What we’re gonna look at now is how much horizontal flexion, or how much flexibility you have in your left arm if you’re a right-hand golfer, for your backswing.

A lot of players don’t get their left arm far enough around to allow them to get a full backswing. All right. And so again, that’s gonna limit how far your club can come around, which will limit the speed of your club on the downswing. All right. So, in order to test it out, what you wanna try and do is just bring your arm across your body, your left arm across your body, with your elbow straight. And you should be able to touch your left elbow to your right shoulder. All right. So if you can’t do that, there’s probably a limitation in far around you’re gonna be able to get the club on the backswing.

So to improve that, the exercise to do on the roller is on your hands and your knees. What you wanna do is have your hands underneath your shoulders. Keep your right elbow straight. Left arm goes under your body. And what you’re trying to do is, basically, reach as far as you can with your left arm, keeping your right elbow straight. You’re gonna be turning your upper body and really stretching out the back of the left shoulder. So it’s big turn through that. Right side. One more time, turning, and really trying to reach as far as you can with your left arm. Thank you.

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