Exercises For Golf Part 2 – Standing Shoulder Turn

Exercises For Golf Part 2 – Standing Shoulder Turn

Peter Sharp demonstrates the standing shoulder turn which is the second video in the golf exercise series.

Full Video Transcript

Hi. My name’s Peter Sharp from St Leonards Physiotherapy. This is the second video in our series on exercises for golf. Once you’ve had a look at the first video and got the thoracic or shoulder turn in sitting, then what you wanna try and do is do the same exercise in standing.

All right. And so basically, you put a stick behind the back of your shoulders, hands underneath, feet sorta hip width apart, and then again what you’re trying to do is turn your upper back without turning your hips. So you’re trying to turn that upper body, and you’re trying to get around so that the stick’s pointing straight ahead. All right. And hold that for a few seconds. And then when you’ve done that, turn around to the left to the other way, and again, tryin’ to get that stick as close as you can to 90 degrees without turning your hips. All right. So have a try at that. And then once you get the hang of that one, then the next progression of that is try and get more into the golf position, the golf swing position. So going into a bit of hip flexion, shoulders forward. So that’s your position that you would be trying to hit the ball, and then try and do the same thing. Try to turn your upper body, but try and keep your hips relatively still.

So, again we’re tryin’ to get a bit more rotation of the upper body to try and take some of the pressure off your lower back and your hips. All right. And so just have a try of that in your golf swing position. All right. So try those two exercises, and then in the next video, I’ll show you another way of trying to get a bit more rotation of your upper back. Thank you.