Exercises for Skiing and Snowboarding – Jumping

Michael Butters demonstrates some jumping exercises that will help prepare your body for the physical demands of skiing and snowboarding.

Full Video Transcript

Hi, guys. It’s Michael from St. Leonard’s Physio. Next video in our exercise series for skiing is looking at jumping, something that’s really toxic on our legs, really draining, requires a lot of energy. So, just make sure that when we’re doing these, we’re not doing too much volume.

First one, really simple. Just stay in one spot. So, you’re nice and at home, on some firm, solid flooring. Just go in, nice soft landing, similar to what Chris explained with the squat. So, nice hip, knee and ankle bend. Trying to keep your hips level and keep hips, knees, ankles in alignment. You might want to try and start of with three lots of, say, 10 to 15 repetitions.

Once you feel comfortable with that, not got any hip, knee, ankle issues, or long back issues, we can progress it by jumping off a step. This is just the Hart Step, about 45cm. At home, you could just use the bottom step if you’ve got some stairs at home. So, same principles, nice and soft landing. Jump forward, land nice and steady. One more. Make sure that when you push off, both feet are evenly pushing off together and they’re both landing at the same time.

Okay, next one, we just need a bit more space. Maybe in your backyard or porch, wherever it is. We’re just gonna try and do some jumping forward. Okay, I’m going to show you another variation of this one, guys. So, another one just really great for turning. So, if I start just facing the mirrors here. If I’m just jumping to my right, 90 degrees. Come back, jump to the left and coming forward, and go from there.

Nice and tough, a bit puffed, really draining. Some really simple ways of making it harder. We can add some more height, we can make the jumps bigger and we can add some different movement into it. Okay, guys, enjoy the slopes. Cheers.

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