Exercises For Skiing And Snowboarding – Single Leg Exercises

Exercises For Skiing And Snowboarding – Single Leg Exercises


Michael Butters second video in our skiing and snowboarding series demonstrates single leg exercises that can help prepare you for a day or week on the snow.

Full Video Transcript

Hello guys, just following up on our video series, exercises for skiing. Today, we’re looking at single leg exercises. So, really great for balance, great for snowboarding and skiing, especially when we have to pivot and turn.

So, the first one, nice and simple, just a single leg squat. Once again, keep hips, knees, ankles in alignment. Squatting down, go down as far as you feel comfortable and come back up. That wasn’t the best one. Try to keep that control, so hips, knees, ankled in alignment, just going down and coming back up. You can try from about three up to 15 on each side, or until you start to fatigue.

Next one, guys. Keeping your hips nice and level, try and push your leg out to the side, really trying to focus on the standing leg this time. So, trying to keep that hip/knee angle alignment. Slide out as far as it feels comfortable, keeping those hips nice and level. The other one you can try to do is also pushing back. So, with similar parameters, as your leg goes back, your heel can just come off the slide.

We can make that a bit harder by using the thera-band. Just pop that over your knees, just up and over. Same principles again. Make sure you turn your knees out, hip/knee/ankle alignment, push out to the side, in control. And then, also going back, in control. You can make it a little bit harder if we go down into a little bit more of a squat position, as well.

So, these ones, really, just looking at some simple single leg exercises for trying to get you a little bit stronger, work on that balance. Great for toning, great for balance and stability. Thanks, guys.