Growing Pains in Children: What To Look Out For

Growing Pains in Children: What To Look Out For

Requel Trevillion advises what to look out for if you think your child is experiencing growing pains.

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Hi, my name is Requel Trevillion. I’m a physiotherapist at St Leonards Physiotherapy and I see a lot of the kids that come into the practice.

A lot of children get leg pain, sometimes in their knees, in their muscles, and parents often wonder if it’s just growing pains. Growing pains do happen, but it’s usually felt in both legs and in the night.

The pain may come on in the afternoon and may actually worsen and wake them from their sleep. So true growing pains are usually felt on both sides of the body.

If your child is just getting pain in one leg or one knee, or perhaps just one of the muscles in their legs, the cause could be something different and it’s a good idea to bring them in and have things checked out.