Physiotherapy for Cancer

Living with cancer is challenging in many ways. There are a number of symptoms not only to the disease itself but to the treatment. Physiotherapy can address some of these symptoms and help improve your quality of life.

The main focus of our cancer rehab program is on increasing energy, fitness, strength, motivation, pelvic floor activation, core activation, and pain reduction, to enable patients to return to/increase their level of function after or during cancer treatment.  

Our physiotherapist, Michael, has specialist training in cancer rehab, and is an accredited provider of the STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Program. 

Cancer Rehab at St Leonards

Firstly you will have an introductory physiotherapy assessment to enable your physiotherapist to understand your specific needs and goals. They will put an individualised plan in place, designed specifically for you. You will then continue to see your physio, one to one, on an ongoing basis. 

We aim to support you to progress to an independent gym program, where you can implement what you have learned from your physiotherapist for yourself. 

We test and measure before you begin the program to establish your baseline, and reassess your progress as needed in order to make further recommendations.

Costs and requirements

  • Initial Physiotherapy assessment: $160
  • Follow up Physio appointments: $110

Private health insurance rebates available for initial assessments and follow-up sessions. Please check with your private health insurer.

Medicare: EPC for physio assessment and follow-up sessions.

You will need a referral from your GP, specialist or surgeon in order to enrol on the program.

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