Osteoporosis: ONERO


The award winning exercise programme for osteoporosis.

Physiotherapy for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis weakens bones, making them more likely to break. Whilst there’s no cure for the condition, the right approach can help protect and strengthen your bones and slow the rate of deterioration. 

ONERO is an exercise program developed for people with osteopeania and osteoporosis, designed  to help reduce the risk of fractures. It does this by building balance, muscle strength and, most notably, bone density.

This evidence-based program is proven to improve bone health, as well as helping to prevent falls and thereby reducing the risk of osteoporotic fractures. 

The Osteoporosis Program at St Leonards

You will have an initial physiotherapy consultation, and then ongoing evaluation to track your progress. You will exercise in a small group, with no more than 8 people in a class, so that you can get support and encouragement from other people with the same condition. 

You will attend two classes per week in 10 week blocks, with two weeks off between blocks (longer over Christmas). The program is delivered indefinitely to ensure safe and progressive service delivery.

The ONERO program involves supervised, high intensity resistance and impact training, that is tailored to be safe for people at risk of osteoporatic fracture.

We test your progress every 12 months in the clinic to check muscle strength and balance improvements – this will complement re-evaluation of bone density with your endocrinologist.

Costs and requirements

  • Initial Physiotherapy assessment: $190
  • Program cost: $37.50/class

Private health insurance rebates available for initial assessments and group exercise sessions. Please check with your private health insurer.

Medicare: TCA/EPC for physio assessment.

You will need a referral from your GP or endocrinologist, including your latest bone density scan results, in order to enrol on the program.


Class term dates

Term one: 30 January until Saturday 8 April

Term two: 24 April until Saturday 1 July

Term three: 17 July until Saturday 30 September

Term four: 9 October until Saturday 16 December

Public holidays: When a class falls on a public holiday, that class will be held in the week after the term finishes. For example:

  • Friday 7 April (Good Friday) will move to Friday 14.
  • Saturday 8 April will move to Saturday 15.


For more information, call (02) 9438 1782 or email enquiries@stleonardsphysio.com.au.




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