Bike Fit Assessments



A professional bike fitting and physiotherapy service for all levels and types of cyclist.

Our physiotherapy bike fitting service brings together the specialised knowledge and skills of our physiotherapist, Angus Tadman, with the technical knowledge of bike fitting to provide a robust service that is designed to improve performance, increase comfort and reduce the risk of injury on your bike. It is most appropriate for cyclists of any level who are experiencing pain or injury as a result of cycling, but if you have a new bike, or just want to get the most out of your current set-up and reduce the risk of injury in the future this is also the service for you!

This comprehensive bike fitting service is suitable for all types of cycling including road, mountain, gravel, triathlon, etc.

Get the Most Out of Cycling

Traditional bike fitting is based on an “ideal” bike fit that is not suitable for every cyclist. At St Leonards Physiotherapy, we use an evidence-based approach and clinical expertise to provide the best bike fit for your body.

We can identify and address any biomechanics issues you might have, and help you to improve your performance, reduce your risk of injury, and achieve your goals.


What’s included?


  • Comprehensive physiotherapy interview and assessment
  • Anthropometric measures to provide optimal bike fit
  • Bike measurements, correlated to body measures
  • Body on bike assessment
  • Video analysis for real-time bike fit information
  • Recommendations on next steps for your needs
  • Liaison with bike mechanics for any adjustments




BIKEPHYSIO Consultation


  • 1 hour consultation
  • Focus on bike-related injuries or performance issues
  • Includes comprehensive physiotherapy interview and assessment
  • A treatment and rehabilitation plan will be provided
  • Assists planning for BIKEFIT Consultation


Best if…

you have a bike-related injury but are happy with your bike fit.


$170 (can be claimed on your health fund)


BIKEFIT Consultation


  • 2 hour consultation
  • Focus on optimising bike fit or fitting a new bike
  • Includes body measurements, bike measurements, bike fitting, video analysis and suggestions for further modifications
  • Complements BIKEPHYSIO consultation


Best if…

you have a new bike OR want to optimise your current set-up.


$320 (can be claimed on your health fund)



Combines BIKEPHYSIO and BIKEFIT into one comprehensive physiotherapy and bike fitting service.

Best if…

you are injured AND need a new fit / current fit contributes to injury.


$490 (can be claimed on your health fund)


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