Chronic Disease Management

Physiotherapy for chronic conditions

Living with a chronic condition can be a stressful and lonely experience. As well as the pain and physical limitations, there is also the mental and emotional strain of managing your condition. Sometimes it feels like no one understands.

That’s why our specialist physiotherapists aim to create a supportive environment where you can learn to get the most out of life alongside other people with the same condition. 

At St Leonards Physiotherapy, we run exercise programs to help you manage your chronic conditions independently. From arthritis, to diabetes and many other issues, we help you create long-term changes in your life, to help better manage your pain and improve your quality of life. The programs we offer include:

Classes range from group to individual sessions, with options of physiotherapy and dietitian consultations if required. All of the programs are tailored to your individual conditions and exercise capacity. Our programs take place in our clinic gym in Atchinson St, St Leonards. 

Our main priority is to help people with these chronic conditions learn how to manage their exercise as part of their recovery or maintenance programs. We don’t want people to become trapped into expensive, ongoing programs, but rather give our patients the ability to manage their programs as necessary, be it with or without a trainer.

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