Michael shows us how to further improve your lumbar, thoracic and particularly upper thoracic spinal rotation, threading the needle with the assistance of a foam roller. This can be particularly helpful for those of you getting tight around your lower neck and between your shoulder blades!

Full Video Transcript

Hi, guys. This is Michael from St. Leonards Physio, just following on our Thoracic Mobility Series. So, the next one from that Cat-Cow Stretch, just using a roller. It’s called the Eye Through the Needle Stretch. So, same starting position. Hands underneath shoulders. Knees underneath hips. Just popping your left hand on the roller. So, left hand is just in behind my right, on the roller. Pinkie is on there. Just slowly pushing that left hand away, trying to reach over and across and then coming back up. Trying to keep it nice and steady through that right arm. Twist through the middle of your back, reaching over and coming back. So, you can try for about five repetitions. Hit each side. And you can also do it just without the roller. The roller just helps to give us a little bit of extra room as we are over and across. Okay. Thanks, guys.

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