Using Standing Workstations

Using Standing Workstations

Michael Butters gives some great advice on using standing workstations.

Full Video Transcript

Michael Butters: Hi there, guys. It’s Michael from St. Leonard’s Physio just talking about standing work stations. So in the last few years there’s been a big push for either one, adjustable work stations that allow us to go from sitting to standing or, two, actually having standing desks. It’s become a debate which one’s better.

So I just want to touch on standing first, standing work stations. There, okay. What we initially need to focus on is that sometimes you can develop problems in our lower back, in our hips, in our legs. Because we’re standing, we have to hold a whole lot more body weight up. There’s more muscle involvement in terms of your core, your legs, and your scapula stability.

Ideally when we stand, what we should be, feet shoulder width apart, knees nice and soft, nice neutral pelvis, chest up nice and tall, a string holding your head up. We end up standing in this position here. Monitors are still directly in front of you, top of the screens just at eye level, keyboard still nice and close, elbows bend in, mouse is nice and close. Most important thing though guys is make sure to move.

If you’re thinking about trying a standing work station, maybe start off with about five to ten minutes every hour and then go back into sitting and have a mix between sitting and standing to start off with. As you get better and if your back’s tolerating it, then you can start to add a bit more time to that standing position. Okay, thanks guys.